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Eurodollar Bond Issuance

We assist developing country Governments in issuing Eurodollar Bills, Notes, and Bonds on the conventional financial market. In this regard we:

  • Provide the necessary analysis of the costs related to the financing or refinancing of the Eurobonds.
  • Advising and assisting our clients in negotiations with bond underwriters, brokers and investment bankers, in connection with the issuance.
  • Assist our clients to determine the appropriate structure and interest rate of the Eurodollar bond to be issued.
  • Advise and assist our clients in structuring, if necessary, hedging swaps linked to the Eurodollar bond issued.
  • dvising and assisting our clients in setting up Eurodollar bond buyback strategies.

About Us

We are a group of consultants with over a hundred year of combined Wall Street experience, in structuring, valuing, and managing debts and financial derivatives issued all over the world. We also provide custom blockchain solutions to our clients.